52 New Things – Week 6

Six weeks into the new year, what did we do this week?   


For the first time that I’ve noticed – I recycled more than I threw away this week – a small but significant victory for my family!


My new thing this week was to find a way to use leftovers.  We throw out too much food.  I started looking around for recipes and ideas and just happened upon someone sharing their fried rice recipe.  It was perfect!  We eat rice about twice a week and never eat it all and always end up throwing far too much in the trash.  And I love fried rice, it makes a great and easy lunch.  So I tried the fried rice recipe but added chicken to make it a full meal.  It was fabulous, even better as leftovers!  It’s a great way to stop being wasteful while also making a really inexpensive meal.  Next time, I’m going to make a large recipe and store it in the freezer in individual portions so I can use it as a last minute meal.


I’m completely addicted to the soaps from Bath and Body works, I went shopping over the weekend to replenish my stock and came across a new scent (flavor?)  Black Rasberry Vanilla. It may not be new to Bath and Body Works but I’ve never noticed it, so it’s new to me.. and I love it!

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