52 New Things – Week 46

Angie –

I attended a Harry Potter Party. I’m a fan, not a “Fan” “Fan” but I’ve read the books and I’ve seen the movies. McWane was hosting a Weasley Wedding and we were helping out. I knew the dress code was costumes or wedding attire but I had no idea how serious these Potter fans are. We saw some of the most creative and awesome costumes. Many of the people that were dressed up were actually in character for a portion of the evening which made speaking with them a little awkward at times but all in all we had a great time and it was neat to see the die hard fans come out and enjoy an evening devoted to something they love.

Trish –

My new thing this week was generic shave cream.  I was at Dollar Tree getting random junk, and decided to try shaving cream.  It was a huge failure- weird fumes came out of it when I tried to use it, then when it finally came out it the smell nearly knocked me over.  TERRIBLE!  Go name brand!

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