52 New Things – Week 41

Angie –

I bought Jeggings *gasp* I’m still fairly new to this whole leggings thing but wanted something easier to wear with my boots this fall. I have to say, they are cute on and incredibly comfy, although the area from waist to crotch should never see the light of day. Those seams aren’t figure flattering..

Trish –

My new thing this week is a booster seat.  Not for me, but for my son.  I’m not a fan of moving up to the seat unless you just have to.  But he has been so independent and so very “grown-up” lately.  And he asked the pediatrician if he could have one, and the doctor said “You’re 5 years old, of course you can!”  So we were pretty much left with a boy who wanted one.  We made a compromise, he can sit in the booster seat only on the way to school in the mornings.  We never get on a highway, we cross it into the parking lot.  So I guess I caved a little bit, but I’m thinking it was a decent compromise that didn’t compromise safety!

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