52 New Things – Week 33

Trish –

My new thing this week was not overdoing it.  I love a party, and when it comes to planning one or both of my kids’ birthday parties, I tend to get nutty.  This year the theme was “No theme, laid back fun.”   And it was just those things. 🙂

Angie –

This week I got crafty… I was talking to a friend and fellow Auburn fan about the season and mentioned how I needed to make a trip to buy the girls their gameday outfits for this season. She told me about the tutu that she had made her girls and showed me the picture… I was sold. I went to the store bought the tulle and made my girls their skirts.

It’s a super easy, no sew method. I took one of my elastic head bands to use for the waist, measured the length from waist to about knee (double it) tie it in double knots (or slips knots) alternating colors. I’ve seen these done and knew friends that had done them, I just never thought to use team colors.. Super cute gameday outfits!

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