52 New Things – Week 30

Angie –

I may have done this already as a new thing, but I tried another new chapstick ( I have a slight addiction to chapstick) It’s Chapstick Botanical Medley and I love it. It doesn’t have too much fake flavor and it’s very smooth. If you share my addiction to all things lip balm, pick one up!


My new thing this week was to take the baby gates down.  I’m incredibly neurotic and paranoid, so this was a HUGE step for me.  My kids and dogs can now roam freely throughout my house.  It was very strange at first to not have to climb over or open anything, but we’ve adjusted and we like the ease.  I’m still terrified that someone will open the front door and not think about the dogs and one will escape.  All visitors to my house are being briefed on the operating procedures of front door usage.  I’m also terrified that I’ll be in the shower and a kid will open the front door.  Needless to say, there are some strict rules in place when it comes to our front door. 😛

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