52 New Things – Week 3


This week, I jumped feet first into the world of  I know, I know, could this get any more intriguing.  But for me, it was a) a first and b) very exciting.  I started the weekend off by taking a seminar by Tammy Hart.  The class was fabulous – I only wish I’d stayed for the more in-depth second session.  From there, I grabbed some hosting space from our favorite designer, Shauna, and dove in.  I’m spending countless hours learning as I go, but I’m finding it all terribly fascinating.


While it’s not quite as glamorous as taking on New York City and seeing Martha Stewart, this week, Trish and I conquered local television in a live interview on Talk of Alabama, on ABC 33/40. We were invited on to talk as “local blog experts” about our trip to see Martha, and about the Juicebox Jukebox.

We weren’t really prepped for the interview, we knew kind of what we were going to be talking about, but other than that, nada. I think we did a pretty good job considering my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest.  It was fun, we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again!


My new thing this week was running.  Of course I have run before, but I mean running as a means of exercise, rather than running to a sale and clawing a few women to get my purse.  I’m just not a runner.  I like being active but running makes my side cramp, my lungs burn, etc.  In preparation of the Gabe’s Hope run, I bit the bullet and ran a mile after pilates this week.  A mile!!  I haven’t done that since high school when we took some kind of President’s Challenge.  I did it without stopping and now have a plan to build up my endurance and TRY TRY TRY to enjoy running.  It’s so good for you, and it’s free.

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