52 New Things – Week 19

What have we been up to this week? Find out!

Jamie –

This week, we took a day off.  My oldest (who is in 4K) said she needed some “Mommy time” and so we took Friday and kept it all to ourselves.  We spent the day vegging out in our jammies,  watching a movie (Sound of Music – again), having a tea party and just being together.  It was great to throw all the responsibilities out of the window (while we still can) and taking a day to “just be”.

Trish –

This week my new thing was making a Chinese meal from scratch.  We made sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, and egg rolls.  I’ve made the fried rice and egg rolls plenty of times before, but the sweet and sour chicken was a first.  It was simple and delicious!  I had intended to make the sweet and sour dipping sauce from scratch… with the carrots and pineapples, etc.  I added up the cost and it would have been close to $15 to make it!!  That goes against a previous “new thing” about saving money, so I left it off.

Angie –

The word of the week for me was “Unsubscribe.”  Somewhere over the past year I’ve managed to get on email lists for approximately 1.2 million different companies. My inbox had become so flooded with useless advertisements, sales, coupons and political endorsements that I couldn’t manage to weed through them all in a day. I was losing actual emails that I needed so I decided to remove myself from 99% of the lists I was on. I still have a long way to go but my inbox is definitely a little less packed!

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