52 New Things – Week 17

Jamie –

I planted broccoli! I’ve never had broccoli in my garden – well this is in my daughter’s garden.  They’re actually doing quite well for a first-time try!  Yay Broccoli!

Trish –

My new thing this week was to start online bill paying.  I live in the dark ages when it comes to paying bills. No more!

Angie –

I’m beginning to realize that a lot of the new things I try are because I’m forced to do so… For this week, I was forced into a new hair stylist. I called to make an appointment and my girl (of more than 3 years) was gone. The new girl did fine, but I want my old girl back. I’m on the verge of stalking every salon in the area until I find her.

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2 thoughts on “52 New Things – Week 17

  1. I tried sardines. I’ve read several things lately about how healthy they are. I might eat th again but they were a little bit icky.

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