52 New Things – Week 14

What’s new, what’s new?

Jamie ~

My new thing this week was actually last week 😀 I celebrated Easter for the first time in my life without my extended family.  Usually, Easter is a busy, busy day filled with church service, Easter Lunch at one grandmother’s house, dessert at another and Easter Egg hunts at both.  Because we moved so far from home and couldn’t travel back to Alabama to celebrate, we had to wing it on our own for the first time ever.  We made the best of it with a huge brunch, homemade cake (see last week’s new thing) and our own Easter Egg hunt.  We finished the day with a family nap!  So, as hard as it was to be away on what is usually a very family-oriented day, we made the most of it with our own family.

Trish ~

My new thing this week was to do one kind and completely random thing each day.  I forgot 2 days, but the other 5 were a mixture of kind words and helping out.  It was fun to have a little secret mission each day.  I think next week I’m going to do something similar!

Angie ~

For this week, my new thing was that I purchased and wore an animal print dress. This may not seem like a big deal to most, but I don’t do animal prints. Shirts, shoes, pants, dresses, even purses, I have always steered clear of them, thinking they actually look better on the animal rather than a bag or clothes. It just hasn’t been my style. I was out shopping and saw this really cute dress, and it was an animal print. I loved the style and it fit, so I bought it. I’m happy with it, I just don’t foresee making a habit of turning my closet into a wearable zoo, but I guess one dress does not a zoo make. Rawr!

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