52 New Things 2014, Week 7

Moving right along with our New Things.


Angie –
I’m quite obsessed with chapstick. I’m sure that’s been mentioned on this blog at some point in the past 6 years. I have chapstick every where, and not just 1. In my car console at any given time there are 3 or 4. In my purse, 2 or 3 not counting the lip gloss. I store them in the kitchen, by my bed, in the bathroom, in the tables beside the sofa.. You name it.

When I find a new chapstick (and I will admit a lot of it is based on packaging) – I jump on it. I get giddy and buy it up. This has gone horribly wrong and incredibly right. Most recently I purchased this one from a little store called A Little Something, in Cahaba Heights.

It comes in the orange and peppermint. The orange is awesome, smells just like a creamsicle! I haven’t tried the peppermint, but stay tuned. That just might be my new thing for next week 🙂

My new thing this week is sticking to a Budget. Like, actually sticking to a budget. It is no fun. But, I do find myself making more careful choices, which should lead to owning less stuff I don’t need. Still, I do like stuff.

I love photography and art. Especially trying to capture and create art using my iPhone and iPad. You can do some amazing things with photo apps.  My latest discovery is an app called “Waterlogue.” It turns your photos into water color art! I’m not a fan of the typical photo editing apps that all have the same filters. This one is different and produces some beautiful work. I even have a friend who printed some of hers out and framed them. She gets so many compliments on her “paintings.” Extremely authentic looking!

So, if you’re looking for some good inexpensive art.. “Waterlogue” is a great place to start your collection!

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