52 New Things 2014, Week 4

Hard to believe we’re writing up new things for week 4 of 2014 already!!

Angie –
I’m fortunate enough to be finishing this post from my hotel room on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. While I’ve been to Chicago before I have tried several new things since I’ve been here. I’m currently stuffing my face with my new found favorite thing, so we’ll go with the Chicago Mix popcorn from Garrett Popcorn Shops. It’s a caramel-y, cheddar-y mix of of delicious goodness. I’ll most likely need to make another trip over there to bring some home.

Kristen –
Thanks to a very sunny Monday, my new thing this week was trying out the Urban Bonnet (see picture). Think: Little House on the Prairie but without the calico (and constant threat of roaming wolves). It provided great shade for baby’s face and snapped comfortably under her chin so she couldn’t take it off. Ridiculous. Adorable. We might need one in every fabric…

Shirley –
This week, I channeled my love for design, rustled up some creative juice and launched the first of what I hope will be many Birmingham kid design camps. Partnered with my friend, of Little Bird Design, I hosted a camp where camp kids chose their design and created custom valentines. I pick up there, by appliqueing the same design onto a shirt to match!

Did you do anything fun and new this week? Share!

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