52 New Things 2014. Week 31

Even in the craziness of back to school we managed to do something new!

My new thing this week is the discovery of an addicting game. I’m not much of a “gamer,” sure I got sucked into Candy Crush for a quick minute but this one is killing me. It’s called 2048 and it’s a tile game. Some kids were playing it on their ipods at a swim meet a few weeks ago then I decided to give it a try and well, now I’m hooked. I even got Shirley hooked and can’t believe she didn’t use that as her new thing!

My new thing is registering my first baby for second grade- don’t see how it can possibly be time for that already!

My new thing is coconut milk ice cream from Whole Foods…. Amazing!

Did you do anything new this week?

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