52 New Things 2014, Week 3

Find out what New Things made our list this week.

Angie – Mine was a lesson in tough love.
Back towards the beginning of the school year, my oldest forgot her backpack. After a complete meltdown outside of the school about how she as going to get in trouble and pull a ticket, I gave her the option to have “consequences” at school and go with out her back pack that day, or take consequences at home and we would go get it. That day she chose to lose media time at home and go back to get the pack. At that time I told her moving forward there would be no choices. She would go to school and pull a ticket if she forgot it again.

On Wednesday, she forgot it. A complete meltdown ensued in the backseat. She sobbed. She said she wasn’t getting out of the car. She was dramatic to say the least but this is a kid who just doesn’t get in trouble. Ever.

I reminded her of our agreement and that she would be getting out of the car one way or the other. She sobbed. I nearly caved. I took a deep breath and explained that pulling a ticket wasn’t the end of the world and that she knew our agreement. Carpool pulled forward and I sat holding my breath wondering exactly what I would do if she refused to get out of the car, she had me really, but didn’t know it. Thankfully.

I got her calmed down some and she asked if I was going to be disappointed in her for pulling a ticket. When I assured her I wouldn’t, she took a deep breath and climbed out of the car to start her day with a tear streaked face, and no backpack. I got around the corner and cried with guilt, but in the end felt good about the lesson in responsibility.

But BOY!! Was it hard. I think I know fully now what the whole “It’s going to hurt me worse than it hurts you” phrase is all about.

Kristen – My new thing was teaching the 1st grader to make her own sandwiches for school lunch. We set her up with bread, fixings, and a butter knife to make the week’s worth on Sunday afternoon and stuck them all in the fridge. It’s a mess and there’s way too much jelly involved but there will be no more last-minute-slopping-stuff-on-bread-as-I-dash-out-the-door for me! Kid-made Sandwiches – it’s the latest thing!

Shirley – This week the family was in sick mode. We were house bound and my Starbucks routine was squashed. The chocolate side of my brain was trying to think of something that could be consumed from a warm mug.. (and as much as I would like to try, peanut butter M&M’s don’t seem like the would melt well in my coffee.) So… While I was shopping for chicken noodle soup. I picked up a bottle of Coffee Mate Cafe Mocha Creamer. WOW! This stuff is really good. Not quite Starbucks level good, but a pretty close second. This will be a staple in my fridge from now on.  My Chocolate Goddess is smiling. And so is my wallet.

Did you try anything new this week? Share with the class!


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