52 New Things, 2014. Week 25

What did we do that was new?

Angie –
On our way to catch a Barons game Friday night,  we decided to try out one of the newer-ish restaurants in Avondale. We chose POPS – Post Office Pies (look out MELT, you’re next.) Post Office Pies is a collaboration between Saw’s Soul Kitchen owners Mike Wilson and Brandon Cain and expert chef John Hall. They serve up some Tasty Pies that were devoured by the entire family. When 5 out of 5 agree, we consider that a serious win and add those places to our regular dining out rotation.

Kristen –
I let my four year old swim with no floaties because he’s been taking lessons and wanted to show me his “skills.” Don’t worry, I watched him like a hawk. He did great!

Have something new you want to share or want us to try, let us know!

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