52 New Things, 2014. Week 19

French Toast, Dancing and Sewing.. It was a very well rounded week for new things here at BirminghamMommy.

What did you do that was new?


Kristen –
My new thing was taking the baby to Kindermusik class this week. She mostly just walked around but it was fun to watch her enjoy the music. Besides, doing the Kindermusik now will turn her into a violin virtuoso when she’s older, right?

This week I attempted to make homemade whipped cream and french toast. When we went to Atlanta for our Aquarium trip we stayed in a hotel that served the most AMAZING french toast I’ve ever had. It quickly became a favorite with one of the twinlets whose talked about it a lot since then. So, I searched the web and settled on this recipe for the toast, and whipped up some heavy cream, powdered sugar and vanilla to go on top. All was tasty. So very tasty. Put this on your Memorial Day menu.

Shirley –
My new thing this week is a “Darning Foot” for my sewing machine. It allows me to write and draw with my sewing machine. This is by far one of the coolest gadgets for us 1:00am craft club members.

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