52 New Things 2014, Week 13

What’s new this week?

This is a new thing I didn’t choose to try, nor do I recommend. Last weekend my financial life was completely hacked. The credit card company believes that it originated from an app on my phone that was attached to my credit card because I like to pay with my phone. From there is snowballed into over $1000 in unauthorized charges from my checking account, and my credit card. With another $700 that the credit card company flagged as fraud. There were multiple hacks into my online cell phone account, and an attempt at my gmail. What I have learned from this experience is that people are evil and you can lose days on the phone with customer service trying to reign in a mess like this. I will also no longer attach any of my debit or credit cards to cell phone apps. No matter how much I love a company or how convenient it is.

My New Thing for this week is a movie at Carmike Lee Branch. Lots of fun but could’ve done without the drunk (possibly high?) guy who talked the whole movie.

Try anything new you’d like to share?

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