52 New Things 2014. Week 1

You may remember a series we did a few years back called 52 New Things. We joined up with some other local bloggers and spent the year trying at least 1 new thing each week. With 2014 upon us, we decided it would be fun to give this another go.

If you are a blogger/reader and would like to participate, we would love to have you on board. You can link up on your blog, or just leave a comment each week letting us know what you tried and what you thought. If you have an idea of something for us to try, we’re open to suggestions!

I’ve enlisted/bribed/strong armed contributor Kristen Berthiaume, and one of my BFF’s and long time BirminghamMommy supporter, Shirley Lewis to submit new things each week as well, and here is what we came up with for this week!

My new thing this week is my first visit to A Movie Tavern.  I’m a HUGE movie goer, I love going to the movies, LOVE. One of my biggest complaints has always been trying to balance the rigid start times with dinner before or after the movie. It seems like there is never enough time before or after to be able to spend an evening doing dinner and a movie, unless you hit the late movie, but I’m getting too old for that. I accept this.

While in Kentucky over the holiday my sister took me to a local place called, The Movie Tavern. It’s genius. They have a full menu, servers and adult beverages. Yes, adult beverages. Burgers, fries, pizza, salads or just good ole popcorn and movie candy, your choice. It’s great because it gives you options and you don’t feel like on your only night out without the kids that you’re stuck with just popcorn for dinner because you had to make a choice, Movie OR Dinner.

Someone in Birmingham needs to get on this!

Kristen –

This week I tried a new Ipad App called Hopscotch (and, yes, I know it’s an app for kids but I’m on vacation and played with it obsessively for two hours straight, O.K.?). Rumor has it that we’ll all need to learn computer coding to survive in our increasingly virtual society and some schools are teaching it to kindergarteners. Fortunately for people like me who only do Technology Light (I still can’t work The Twitter), there is Hopscotch. If you (or your kid) can read, you can drag and drop various commands into the instruction window and create a simple cartoon that does exactly what you tell it to do. It takes some trial-and-error but the process is cool and the app has good explanations in the help menu. I may never actually need to learn how to code but I had fun and I’m sure I didn’t need those 120 minutes for anything more pressing. Eventually, I might even let me kids try it. (Oh, be sure that you’re downloading the right Hopscotch app – there are a couple that are actually just hopscotch).

Shirley –

Peanut Butter M & M’s – They will change your life. That is all.

If you’d like to participate in 52 new things along with BirminghamMommy, join us on facebook or on twitter (use #52newthings) – we would love to hear what you’re trying that is new!


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