5 Things to Know Before Visiting Turkey Creek

Turkey Creek Nature Preserve is one of Alabama’s top swimming holes. It is located in Pinson, AL just minutes from downtown Birmingham. It has over seven miles of hiking trails, is home to federally protected species, and is a great way to cool off in an Alabama summer.

1. The first thing you’ll want to do it check their calendar.  You want to do this for one of two reasons, if you’re hoping to join in on one of their monthly guided hikes, you can do so! Free of charge! Or if you’re hoping to get a little time alone in nature, you’ll need to make sure its not a day scheduled for a hike or an activity. It can get crowded. Also, the park is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

2. It’s free! Admission to the preserve is always free. Free is fun! However, keeping the park clean does take work and they always take donations to help maintain the park. So, bring a few dollars cash.

3. Wear water shoes or grippy socks (a la trampoline park socks.) Love them or hate them they’re really necessary.. With all of the rocks in the creek you’ll be able to enjoy yourself knowing your feet are protected and that you’re minimizing your risk of slipping on the wet rocks. Even with clean up efforts, there were a few stray pieces of glass, so you’ll be better off with shoes on at all times.

4. Bring your floats. And not just any ol’float, go with the tube! Or doughnut as my kids call it. You’ll be reminded of tubing in Helen in the calm spots. And you’ll be thrilled with the fun of riding down the small water fall. Even kids can enjoy the water fall in their tube!

5. Bring a picnic. There are lots of picnic tables so that you can bring a lunch and enjoy the whole day at the park. But note that alcohol is not allowed.

Have you visited this swimming hole or one of the others in Alabama? We would love to hear about your favorite!

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  1. Going tomorrow! Thanks for the quick tips! Have 2 bigs and 2 littles going with us tomorrow, so will update on any must haves!

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