5 Foods Your Children Should Be Eating (And How to Serve Them)

The top 5 healthiest, nutrient-packed foods for kids are:

1. Salmon- Great source of omega-3 fats, good for boosting brain health. DHA is critical for brain cell membranes, and salmon is a great source. Top it with teriyaki or mix flaked off pieces of salmon into pasta.

2. Oats- Fiber-rich and slow-burning, oatmeal is a great way to give the little ones energy- especially as the weather cools down.  You can mix in some cut up fruit or try adding peanut butter or maple syrup.

3. Eggs- As kids grow, they develop new muscle tissue. Having a high quality protein will help. To combat cholesterol issues, use 1 egg combined with 2-3 egg whites. You can mix in veggies or meats, or serve them breakfast tacos. I’ve never seen a kid turn down a taco!

4. Spinach- Good for the eyes and high in nutrients, spinach is great for little ones. To get them past the bitter taste, try baby spinach. You can also add chopped spinach leaves to spaghetti sauce or pizza sauce and sneak it in!

5. Beans- Beans have soluble fiber that helps regulate blood sugars and may help calm mood swings. That’s what moms want to hear!  Try adding beans to taco meat or hamburgers, or let them have hummus as a dip for veggies or pita chips.

How many of these foods do your kiddos eat?

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