4th of July Snack Cups

It’s quite likely that you’ll have a house full of family and/or friends over to celebrate or cook out over the long Holiday weekend, if there are children on your guest list, whip up a few of these festive little snack cups. They’ll be a great party favor or something to take with you when you head out to watch the fireworks.

We found several ways to make these online but since it’s crunch time I went with what I had around the house and the only thing I had to purchase were the cups.

What you’ll need:

  • Styrofoam cup(s)
  • Red and blue felt (we didn’t have blue felt so we used blue construction paper)
  • Red paint, paint pens or markers..
  • Paintbrush
  • White or silver paint pen, or marker if you’re using blue construction paper, silver glitter for blue felt
  • Scissors
  • White craft glue
  • Black marker or pen
  • Silver Glitter

What You’ll Do:

Place cup, open end down, on top of the red felt and trace with a marker.

Cut around the traced circle leaving about a ¾” border around it.

Fold the circle and cut a slit in the center of the circle to allow your scissors to get in. Cut out the inside circle, leaving about a ¼” border around the inside of the trace line. Set felt circle aside.

Paint/draw red stripes all the way around the outside of the cup, stripes should run up and down. Let dry completely.

Cut a strip of blue felt or construction paper about 1.5” wide. Long enough to wrap around the brim of the cup.

For blue felt use glue to draw star shapes then sprinkle with silver glitter, for blue construction paper draw stars with your white or silver paint pen or marker.

Glue felt strip/Construction paper strip around the outside of the top of the cup.

Lay red felt circle on to work surface, black trace line facing up.

Line the lip of the cup with white glue and press down onto black trace line. Let dry.

Turn cup over and place on work surface.

When everything is dry, fill with treats and enjoy!

Happy 4th of July!!

One thought on “4th of July Snack Cups

  1. That’s a cute craft!
    I have a recommendation for a healthy snack. They are called Gudernoobs and they’re made by WooHoo Foods. Only 30 calories each and they come in 4 varieties. Plus they have omega-3s! They come individually wrapped so they’re perfect for on the go!

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