4 Websites Every Mom Should Use

Moms are digital, that’s just how we roll.  Technology at our fingertips means we have resources to make life easier and better.  Here’s our top 4 picks for websites every mom should be using:

1.  Southern Savers–  The grocery store is basically a mom’s second home.  A large portion of our budget goes to grocery stores, which makes this a great area to trim the budget.  Nobody compiles the shopping info  like Southern Savers.

2.  Retail Me Not–  Women shop online.  There are discount codes online.  Women should be using discount codes to save on their purchases!  This is a simple equation.  Always check before you click “purchase.”

3.  Jezebel or Perez Hilton or The Onion–  Everyone needs a break from reality.  Catch up on the latest juice but make sure you don’t find yourself still sitting at the computer after 2 hours.  Make sure to include an actual news site also.  We wouldn’t want you to be one of those suckers who thinks The Onion’s stories are real.

4.  Facebook–  We need to connect, and there’s no easier way than Facebook.  Moms today are different; we don’t chat over the fence.  We login, we text, we are digital.  Facebook is a great way to stay in the know on your friends’ lives.

**** is, of course, the utmost important website on the face of the planet.  We didn’t think it would be fair to compete since we were making the list.  You know, biased and all.

What sites so you have bookmarked?

One thought on “4 Websites Every Mom Should Use

  1. 1.) one of my best go to’s!!!! Simple Mom is a treasure trove of awesome resources for all aspects of life from de-cluttering/cleaning to family meal ideas or homeschooling.

    2.) love to get great up to the minute updates on news, politics and life topics

    3.) awesome ideas for the kiddos learning at home!

    4.) of course this is my fantastic local go to resource! You guys are the best!!!

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