31 Ideas for your Elf on the Shelf

It seems like each year there is an Elf on the Shelf Creativity, my facebook feed is constantly filled with all of these crazy creative things that my Mommy peers are doing with their Elf, all while ours pretty much just sits on his shelf forgetting to even move most nights. So, if you’re like me, not super creative but would like to step it up a notch, here are 31 things you can do with your Elf that will make you feel like a Elf parent rock star.

* Please note that we are strongly opposed to Elves making messes that you will have to clean up, these are quick, easy and take very little effort.

1. Zip Line. This does not have to include an obstacle course or anything resembling Mission Impossible. Some fishing line across the room will suffice.

2. “Snowball” fight using marshmallows and various other characters that might be out of their storage boxes for the holidays. Snowmen, Santa, bring out some Smurfs, Barbies and Action Figures if you need to.

3. Build a fort or igloo with big marshmallows and hide your elf there. Have little marshmallows located around as “snowballs” Or just use a Picture frame to hide behind.

4. Have him/her eating a bowl of cereal

5. Sporty Elf. Dress him up and have him rooting for your favorite sports team.

6. Horseback riding. Easily done with American Girl Doll Horses..

7. Play a board game with stuffed animal friends or action figures

8. Write an amazing letter of all the wonderful qualities your Elf has witnessed in your child.

9. Use your exercise equipment for an Elf Workout. Run on treadmill, sit on bike..

10.  Make a super hero out of your elf. Give him a cape or cut out a superELF logo and pin on him. Have him swinging from a ceiling fan or chandelier.

11. Re-create a scene from one of your child’s favorite movies using your current toys and stuffed lovies. Think Toy Story, Lion King..

12. Elf Planks. (Remember when that was all the rage? )

13. Cruisin’ in the Barbie Car (Dumptruck, racecar…. )

14. Poker Night. Have your Elf sitting playing cards with Barbie or your Action Figures. Throw out some poker chips if you have them

15. If your Elf isn’t much of a gambler have him set up with a game of solitaire.

16. Gamer Elf. Let Elf fire up the Playstation.

17. Locked Out Elf. Have your Elf positioned outside of one of your windows or glass door looking in. Note: It might be helpful to leave a little trail of cheerios or maybe even take the time to cut out a few tiny elf foot prints and have them leading to the door. Otherwise you littles might spend all morning looking for him. (which might not be a bad thing?)

18. Playing dress up in Moms Jewelry.

19. Find an extra Toothbrush and have your Elf brushing his teeth sitting on the bathroom counter

20. Put your Elf in the cookie jar and have some half eaten cookies around. (I don’t consider this a mess, just a chance to eat some cookies)

21. Have your Elf make your childs lunch and/or send a note.

22. Emailing Santa from your computer

23. Drive in movie with Barbie or other similar sized toy. Have them in your RC or Barbie car watching your flatscreen

24. Coloring in your Child’s favorite coloring book.

25. A “Bubble” bath in a bathroom sink with mini marshmallows

26. Riding your Christmas Train

27. Texting or Talking on an old cellphone. If you have 2 old/play phones, have another character somewhere else in your house on the other end of the “conversation.”

28.Hiding in a plant

29. Reading a book

30. Use tiny instruments to make your Elf a rock star. Have him performing a concert for his adoring friends.

31. Fishing.

Have a cute idea to share? We would love to hear about it.

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