100 Days of School = 100 Days of Artwork. Where are you stashing it?

It seems like this is a never ending question for Moms and we’ve touched on it in the past. We had the chance to film a segment with NBC 13 and show Moms at home what we are doing to organize our artwork.. YES! I actually allowed the cameras into the upstairs of my home to film this… What was I thinking?

We are about half way through the school year and we’ve got art piling up, here are some ways to organize and display what your little Picasso brings home.

1. Put it on a canvas. We talked about this a while back and got some really positive feedback. It’s another great way to display your child’s artwork in a cool way! Take a blank canvas and some mod podge and you have some great wall art for a playroom or child’s room.

2. Hang it on a line: When walking into our playroom we have a long piece of twine on the wall displaying some of the larger pieces of art work my daughter as brought home. We painted some clothes pins as an added art project and we can rotate those pieces out as new ones come home.

3. Frame it: Every now and then your child is going to bring home a piece of art that is just downright frame-able. Don’t let it get buried, pick up an inexpensive frame and hang it up!

4. Box it: Each of my girls have a large flat-ish storage bin that slides under their bed. I use it for artwork and special papers, or cards that they collect from family throughout the year.

Pizza boxes (unused, clean and free of melted cheese) also make a great under the bed storage option. Let the kids help decorate it with stickers, then label it with their name and the year.

5. Picture it: Before tossing that artwork out, lay it out and take a picture of it. Photos will take up a lot less space in the long run.

6. Hide It: Use a Shadow box to both Display and Hide artwork. The beauty of these frames is that you can always display the current work of art. When a new piece comes home, simply move the old piece into the frame.

7. Brighten a Day with it: If you have family  or close friends that live out of town, let your child pick a couple of pieces and mail it.. It will be new to the Grandparents or Aunts and they will cherish it! Another idea to brighten someones day is to take it to a local nursing home or retirement community. They will certainly love to make space on a bulletin board for a special masterpiece!

How do you organize and display your child’s art?

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