Time to Fly with the Homewood Witches Ride!

The Homewood Witches Ride (HWR) is a fun, crazy 2.5 mile bike ride through the streets of Homewood where women dressed as witches ride their brooms-bikes and throw candy to the little monsters along the posted route. The kids and families can see route online and plan to safely wait on the sidewalks for the witches to fly by. The Witches ride to celebrate the beautiful spirits who have lost their lives to cancer. Inspired by Paula Stringfellow Ford, The Homewood Witches Ride allows all of your registration fees, silent auction donations, and sponsorships to go to the American Cancer Society and its efforts to find a cure for lung cancer.

On April 6, 2013, Paula Stringfellow Ford (Mama P) unexpectedly passed away from a rare, non-smoking form of lung cancer. Paula inspired us all to embrace our uniqueness, accept others for theirs, and live lives overflowing with joyful awareness. In the fall, Paula and several friends would participate in a witches bike ride in Florida (the Witches of South Walton). Mama P and her witches found so much joy in dressing up and passing out candy to local children. The October following her death, Paula’s daughter, Janie Ford Mayer, had the idea for a similar witches ride to celebrate her mother’s spirit in a fun, light hearted way. With little planning, more than 50 witches flew into ride and raised money for the American Cancer Society. Fast forward to last year where over 450 Witches participated and raised $16,500! The covens are growing every day and together we are making a difference! 2017 will be the 5th anniversary for the Witches Ride.

What you need to know:

Registration opens Sunday October 1st. BirminghamMommy is a proud supporter and can’t wait to Fly again this year! We hope you’ll join us!

The 2017 Ride will take place on the evening of Sunday October 29th

Participation fee is $25 per person and you must be over the age of 18.

Riders are responsible for providing their own candy for tossing in the 2 candy zones.

To register or to learn more.. visit Homewood Witches Ride

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