Get your Garden Started with these Easy Tips

I’ll admit, gardening is something that intimidates me, but something I still find myself wanting to do every spring.. The weather has been perfect, the kids love digging in the dirt, so grab a shovel and follow some of these simple guidelines to get your garden started and you’ll have some yummy Summer Vegetables before ... Read More

Alabama UPick Farms

Alabama U-Pick Farms and Orchards

We all love Fresh Fruits and Veggies, and it doesn’t get more fresh than picking your own! Here in Alabama, we have a wonderful moderate Spring season that you should enjoy to the fullest!  Get the kids and get out!  A fun and unique activity is to go to a you-pick-your-own farm.  You get fresh ... Read More

Spring Fever at McWane Science Center

Head to McWane Science Center for Spring Fever March 1st-April 15th! Symptoms include: science, wonder and fun! There is so much going on at McWane during Spring Fever! Join them for special deals and awesome educational programming. Each Monday, enjoy $10 combo tickets! Be on the lookout for special discount days and free prizes on social ... Read More

Birmingham Area Easter Egg Hunts

Birmingham Area Easter Egg hunts are kicking off soon! Grab your baskets and make a plan to attend your favorite hunt! Lots to choose from in and around the Birmingham Area! Easter Egg Hunts in Birmingham 119/280 Area Meadowbrook Baptist April 7th, 8-9:30pm Preteen Egg-streme Hunt – Lower Parking Lot April 8th, 9-11am Easter Egg ... Read More

Homemade Bubbles

How to Make Homemade Bubbles

Longer days and warmer weather have arrived and that means kicking the tiny humans outside and locking the door… Ok, maybe not locking the door, per se,  but strongly encouraging them to play outside rather than destroying your freshly cleaned house 5 minutes after you put the broom away. My kids go through chalk and ... Read More

Festival of Tulips at American Village

One of my favorite things about Spring is the beautiful flowers.. and Tulips are one of my favorite! Did you know that American Village in Montevallo has over 70,000 tulips just waiting to be picked? Festival of Tulips at American Village: Imagine strolling through over 70,000 blooming tulips with replicas of some of America’s most ... Read More

Happy Rocks Rock Birmingham

Have you seen any Happy Rocks around Birmingham? What started as an adventure in arts and crafts has turned into somewhat of a hobby, and the folks over at Happy Rocks Birmingham would love for it to spread. We could all use a little extra happiness in our lives, so why not start something positive? ... Read More

Spring Time at the Birmingham Zoo

Spring time is always one of our favorite times to visit the zoo, as the weather warms up it’s a great way to get out and enjoy the weather and hopefully catch the animals out enjoying it too! In addition to their Spring Break Camps, here are some other things you can expect to see ... Read More

Leprechaun Food

How to Make Leprechaun Food

St. Patty’s Day is just around the corner, here’s a fun and easy recipe you can make with the kids or for  surprise lunchbox or after school treat! What You’ll Need: Lucky Charms (original, right? Give us a break, we said it was easy) Vanilla Chex Mix (If you haven’t tried this yet, welcome to ... Read More

Household Responibilities, Who’s Responsible?

For Moms it’s a never ending chore to get your kids in the habit of helping out with the house hold responsibilities. I also have to remind myself that teaching them responsibility now is good for them. I fall into the trap of finding it easier to do myself rather than ask them 17 times ... Read More