Summer Camp Spotlight: The Dance Foundation

The Dance Foundation has a lot of fun to offer this summer for Children ages 4 and up! Take a look at this line up, something fun for your kiddos.

Once Upon a Fairytale
Daily adventures from classic fairytales are unveiled through a trunk filled with costumes and creative artifacts.  Each day, campers dance, create art, and explore the day’s fairytale.  Camps are directed by Carolyn Rabbani.

entering 4K  | Tu-Th 9am-1pm  |  Cinderella, The Girl Who Wore Too Much, The Snow Queen  |  June 6-8 • June 20-22  |  $135/session

entering 5K  |  M-F 9am-1pm  |  Sleeping Beauty, Living Quan-Yin, Robin Hood, Twelve Dancing Princesses, Peter and the Wolf  |  June 12-16  • June 26-30 | $180/session

Imagination Lab
Campers work together to create their own unique story inspired by the week’s theme, and perform it at the end of the week.  Imaginative adaptations of the theme are discovered through exploration of art, costume and set design, dance, music and acting!  Camps are directed by Sara Wallace.

entering 1st – 3rd graders, half-day  |  “Land of Oz”  |  M-F 9am-1pm  |  June 12-16  |  $180

entering 1st – 3rd graders, full-day  |  “Fairies”  |  M-F 9am-4pm  |  June 19-23  |  $245

Shadow Play
Campers will use shadow play to invent new worlds, design props and learn to tell stories through movement.  Daily classes include creative movement, prop exploration, acting, writing and rehearsal leads to a performance on the last day.  Camp is directed by Rachael Inman.

entering 3rd-6th graders  |  M-F 9am-4pm  | June 5-9  |  $245

Dance Explorations
Explore the art of dance through technique in a variety of styles as well as lessons in dance history, sewing, music, and hair and makeup for the stage.  Daily classes include Ballet, Modern Dance, and Choreography.  The week ends with an informal performance for family and friends.  Camp is directed by Sara Wallace.

entering 3rd-6th graders  |  M-F 9am-4pm   |  June 26-30  |  $245

Theatre Explorations
Explore the art of live acting through classes in voice, movement, improvisation, and scene work.  The week ends with an informal performance for family and friends.  Hands-on sessions also include set design, stage make-up, costuming and stage combat.  Camp is directed by Jennifer Salvant.

entering 3rd-6th graders  |  M-F 9am-4pm  |  June 26-30  |  $245

Workshop for Dancers
Each day’s workshop begins with a Pilates warm-up and Ballet class, followed by a technique class in another style such as Modern Dance, Musical Theatre or Hip Hop.  Surprise guest artists from our local, professional dance scene will be speaking with students about dance as a profession and important topics in the field. Students must have recently completed at least three consecutive years of a dance technique.

entering 7th-12th graders  |  Tu-Th 4pm-7:45pm |  June 27-29  |  $135

If you have children younger than 4, The Dance Foundation offers summer classes for ages 1 and up. To see that schedule, visit their website.

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