Review: Birmingham Boulders

I was recently invited to go to Birmingham Boulders with a friend.  When we walked in the first thing I saw were the walls, they were so huge! I have always loved climbing at First Avenue Rocks but the walls at Birmingham Boulders seemed so much taller!

I was so excited, I almost took off without my friend and was so ready to start climbing I didn’t want to wait while we got our harnesses on and our wavers signed. They have more climbing space, a larger kid and family area, and more space for just hanging around. The only thing they don’t have there is the place on top of the boulders with benches to sit on, like First Ave Rocks. I do miss that.

We climbed for about 3 1/2 hours and we were worn out, which all parents will love! We had so much fun there and I can’t wait to go again!

Mom Notes:
If your kids love climbing, this facility is great and very clean. They offer parties and Kids Programs for beginners on up to competitive teams, if they show interest in some training.

Birmingham Boulders is the newest member of the Bouldering Authority family.  Birmingham Boulders is big! Boasting a 14,000 square foot facility makes it the largest bouldering gym east of the Mississippi.

Visit their website for more information.

About Elizabeth:

Elizabeth C. is a local Elementary School Student who loves swimming, volleyball and her Dog. She is the older sibling to Identical Twin Sisters that she tries to boss around even though she knows she’s outnumbered. She was born in Birmingham and loves to explore the city with her Family.

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