Restaurant Review: Zoe's Kitchen

It’s not easy to dine with those who still prefer their hands to utensils. Worse yet, taking them to eat in public. Sometimes we get a “freebie”, a trip in which your child decides to act like the angel you tout them to be. But most of the time, they decide to visit everyone else in the restaurant, scream about wanting more cheese dip or they decide to throw their shoes across the room (Again, I’m so sorry lady). If you’ve made it to toddlerdom, you’re used to all this and probably not the least bit phased. Embarrassment is a thing of the past, well until they raise the bar again.

However, some local eateries work to accommodate the toddlers and encourage you to bring them on in. Here at BirminghamMommy, we’ve decided to re-introduce these places for you, and we encourage you to comment with your own moments of the good, the bad and the ugly.

First up, our favorite, Zoe’s Kitchen. While Zoe’s is what we like to call “fast, fresh” it is hardly akin to the typical fast food restaurant. With all fresh menu items to choose from, a healthy kid’s menu and a few take-home dinner options to boot, Zoe’s is one of our favorites. In addition, the restaurant is always clean, decorated with lively colors and an accommodating staff.

While the kids menu is vast, we often find that our kids can just eat from our plate, as there are generous portions on the main menu – which leaves room for that darn chocolate cake.

And for the nutrition conscious, Zoe’s has analyzed their food and offers choices for a gluten-free diet, lite meals (less than 400 calories / 10 grams of fat), Zone meals (40% carb, 30% protein, 30% fat), Heart Fresh meals (which adhere to the American Heart Association’s diet for a healthy heart) and a Protein Power Plate (high protein, low fat). For more information on Zoe’s Kitchen, click here

So, BirminghamMommy gives Zoe’s Kitchen a 5 out of 5 for quality and convenience.

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