Preparing your Child for Sleep Away Camp

Summer is just around the corner and if you’re already having second thoughts about having registered your child for their first sleep away camp, that’s completely understandable.  Or maybe you’re on the fence about signing them up because you’re just not sure if they’re ready yet.  Here are 5 ways to prepare and decide if they are:

  1. Give your child more responsibility around the house.  At camp, they’ll have to keep up with their own belongings and be responsible for themselves.  It’s a good way to see how mature they are in that area.
  2. Let them spend the night at a friend’s house.  A very trusted friend!  Get an idea of how homesick they get.
  3. When letting them spend the night at a friend’s or at camp, don’t encourage homesickness!  Don’t dwell on how you’ll miss them; focus on the benefits and fun of their upcoming experience.  Parents set the tone, so make sure you set the right one.
  4. Try a local day camp, or do a 2-3 day mini-camp.  Camp Cosby is one option that isn’t far from Birmingham and would be a great way to do a trial run.
  5. Talk to the camp staff; they’ve seen it all and their experience is invaluable.  Ask questions and think about your child’s individual traits.

Have you made this leap? What tips or tricks did you use to get your kids (and yourself) through their first camp?

If you prefer to keep them close to home, check our full list of camps happening in and around Birmingham!

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