It’s the greatest job in the world. Enjoy your Mother’s Day! “A mother is the truest friend we have, when trials heavy and sudden, fall upon us; when adversity takes the place of prosperity; when friends who rejoice with us in our sunshine desert us; when trouble thickens around us, still will she cling to ... Read More

Stamp Out Hunger Day is Here! Get Your Bags Ready!

National Stamp Out Hunger Day is this Saturday, May 9th. Go ahead and get your bags of stuff ready – you know your pantry needs to be cleaned out! With the state of things right now, the list is probably longer than ever of good people needing good meals, so come on! Place your bags ... Read More

Pottery Barn Helps You Decorate!

Get inspired and get some help decorating your nursery with a complimentary class from Pottery Barn Kids, they will provide you with expert guidance and all attendees will receive a 10% discount on all items featured in the class* Space is limited so hurry and call your local store to reserve your spot. Pottery Barn ... Read More

So You Want to Wear Your Baby? The New(ish) Breed of Baby Carriers

You may have noticed a new (ish) trend on the baby carrier scene. Gone are the days of lugging baby in your arms or pushing that cumbersome stroller (unless you like the cumbersome stroller – and well, sometimes I just do.) Options have unfolded big time over the last few years in the baby carrier ... Read More

Beautiful Baby Bedding Options for Birmingham Moms (now say that 3 times fast!)

Baby bedding has come a long way, a long way indeed. There are super cool options from one end of the spending spectrum to the other. From Modern bumpers to Vintage-inspired cribs, there are options for all of us, no matter our budget. Sensing that modern moms and dads are wanting something more than the ... Read More

Cloth Diapering? These aren't your Momma's cloth diapers!

I’ve been saving this one for our green month. Couldn’t wait. Couldn’t stand it! I took the plunge and started using cloth diapers for my newest addition. Almost a year ago, I welcomed a bouncing new itty bitty into the world. I decided beforehand that I wanted to try cloth diapering. I did, however have ... Read More

Bargain Carousel!!

It’s this weekend, and there’s already a line of people camping out waiting to get in!! A 1000 family garage sale, Bargain Carousel has been labeled the “largest garage sale in Birmingham.” The Junior League of Birmingham’s Bargain Carousel provides shoppers with quality items at affordable prices. The proceeds raised at Bargain Carousel are returned ... Read More

BirminghamMommy Goes Green!: Get Your Clean On!

All month long we’ll be featuring quick and ejavascript:void(0)asy (like really) ways to help Birmingham Moms go green (ok, it’s so easy it may be chartreuse). If you’re still wagging around paper towels to get your house clean, it’s time to put them down and move on. Our vote – washable rags and microfiber towels. ... Read More

BirminghamMommy Goes Green!: It's Celebration Time

All month long we’ll be featuring quick and easy (like really) ways to help Birmingham Moms go green (ok, it’s so easy it may be chartreuse).Hey You! Yeah you, Birmingham Mommies! It’s time to celebrate! In all seriousness, when do we not look for a good excuse to pour another Margarita, but this time, it’s ... Read More

BirminghamMommy Goes Green!: Water at Home

Do you remember the crazy water situation in Birmingham last year? Well we do. How about a little way to contribute that we swear won’t hurt at all. Not at all. Ok, it might hurt a tad, but really, it’s not that bad: turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving your legs. ... Read More