Moms Rock Nominees!

Thank you all again for submitting the Rockin’ Moms in your life.. After reading and re-reading the stories, we’ve narrowed the selection down to these 5 Amazing Women! Take a moment to read their stories then follow the link at the bottom of the post to cast your Vote for one of them to have a chance to win some fabulous prizes at Moms Rock 2017 on March 9th!

Bethany Beverly:

Bethany Beverly is an AMAZING wife and mom. She has a 2 year old daughter and one baby on the way! (Due in September) Bethany is an amazing homemaker and a great supporter of her husband. Her husband is a High School Athletic Director and Football Coach. She makes it a mission to support him in all of his endeavors. She supports all of his student-athletes by attending as many games as she can and by immersing herself in the community that he serves. She is a Godly wife and mom in every sense of the word. She loves and cares for her family and rarely has any time for herself but never lets that take the smile off of her face. She is dedicated to taking care of her family and willing to sacrifice time and energy to make sure her husband and children are taken care of and she does an amazing job at being the best she can be at the toughest job on the planet. Bethany Rocks for sure!
Nominated by: Jonathon Beverly

Marie Bateh:

Marie is a mother of 5 girls, grades 7 and below, which alone would keep anyone busy enough. However one of her girls was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at the age of two. That daughter Sarah Katherine, better know as Suki, was the reason Marie started the Suki Foundation. This amazing organization run by Marie and her Husband raised $500,000 to create the first endowed professorship for Rett syndrome at UAB. These funds have been matched by Children’s and UAB to support the future holder of this new position. Marie still finds time to host a bible study weekly at her home, carpool all 5 of her girls to sports and school activities as well as getting Suki to her various therapies. Marie is truly and inspiration to all mothers and I think you don’t have to look far to see that she pretty much “rocks” the title of Mom in a way that no other person I know does.
Nominated by Amy Johnson

Stephanie Jordan:

WARNING: This will not be your typical nomination…

Let’s just start with the basics: Stephanie is not your average mom… not even above average or even an extraordinary mom. She’s simply off the chart when it comes to being not only a mom, but also an extraordinary person.

Stephanie is in her forties, WIDOWED w/FIVE kids 4-16 (her husband Jay passed away two years ago from a massive heart attack.) She opened her own hair salon in Homewood (Beauty for Ashes Salon and Color Bar in SoHo) two years before Jay died. So when you meet Stephanie (and you WILL want to meet her!) she may have turquoise, pink, or purple hair – don’t be shocked. That’s just the beginning of your relationship with a woman who will shake you up a bit. She has a lip ring and a few other piercings that I don’t even notice anymore. She’s a whirlwind of life.

Stephanie is an author. “A Dose of Reality” was published a few years ago. She has the wisdom of a 90 year old woman and shares it eloquently with the reader. In essence, “As mothers, we are the emotional foundation of family and it is imperative that we seek God’s face to guide us”. This isn’t a traditional feel good, self help read to say the least! You’ll want to read every word and let it fester inside your brain until you feel worthy of sharing her knowledge, wisdom and deep faith.

Volunteer? Yes, Stephanie is constantly not just volunteering, but spearheading mission projects for which she is passionate. Her latest mission is to provide backpacks/duffel bags for foster kids moving from one place to another…

So let’s review Stephanie Jordan with some adjectives:
Passionate, Restored, Complex, Articulate (written & spoken) Vilgilant, Abundant, Assertive, Sensitive
Hardcore (and that’s just the beginning… )

I can’t wait for you to meet Stephanie Jordan!!!

Did I mention she homeschools her kids? YES!!!
Nominated by Dee Tipps

Taylor Wyatt:

Taylor will be one of the Mom’s nominated that would stand out and be a great representation of what a “Supermom” is. Although she may be young, she is a tech finance, retail mogul here in Birmingham and has been on many Birmingham Business Journals “Top under 30, 40, etc” along with articles on her own business adventures. However, she’s also a mother to a wonderful two year old son named Greyson, who I honestly can’t explain how with everything she does in business, still has time to be an amazing mother. She’s my best friend and I admire her for everything she has accomplished in life so far, but this time, instead of being admired for her business world, she needs to be admired by being also a rock star super Mom, which we all know is sometimes harder than a business meeting.
Nominated by: Christy Turnipseed

Beth Hill:

Beth is a phenomenal mom, wife, and friend. She homeschools three rockin handsome boys and runs her own business, Sacred Refuge Designs. A few years ago, a rare brain tumor was found and she had invasive surgery to remove it. The surgery was successful, but left her with partial hearing and a few other related issues. Despite this major life event, she has never stopped loving on others. She founded a facebook group called Faithful Moms in 2012 and uses that platform to encourage moms in the North Jefferson area. Emotional support, honest life conversations, play dates, welcoming new moms to the area, personal challenges, group consignment sales, and moms night outs are just a few of the ways Beth has supported the 200+ group members. Beth also frequently coordinates efforts to support local families who experience loss, financial instability, and other needs. She started a monthly Lego Club at a local church and also teaches in her weekly homeschool co-op. Beth runs her business side-by-side with her husband, designing and building beautiful things together. Their success is a testament to their sweet and honest relationship. We met at church and I’ve known her for over ten years and she is is a jewel in my life. Beth is a blessing to all who know her!
Nominated By: Kristel Brewis


Voting will close at Noon, Thursday March 9th. Winner will be announced at Moms Rock 2017


30 thoughts on “Moms Rock Nominees!

  1. I vote for Marie Bateh. I have the honor of teaching reading to Marie’s daughter, Suki, that has Rett Syndrome. I also taught first grade to Marie’s two oldest daughters.Marie is truly a giving person. I don’t know how she does it. Suki requires a lot of extra help, special equipment, and has a lot of various doctor’s appointments. Her children are so so sweet. Marie could use a perk by winning this and no one is more deserving than her.

  2. I vote Stephanie Jordan as well. She is such a beautiful person inside and out. And she really is a prime example of the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Who would have thought that such a rocker could love God SO much. She beats the stigma of the punk scene and her children are just as beautiful. If everyone had her love for different types of people, there would be no war. She has the strength of a band of horses as a widow and has more courage than I have ever had. Meet her and she WILL speak life into you despite the skeletons on her clothes. Love her so much!

  3. I VOTE Stephanie Jordan. I have directly worked with her personally. STRONGEST mental and Spirtied person I have every encountered in my 46 years. God has truly used her TEST a TESTIMONY!!

  4. I voted for Marie. I personally do not know her but I have heard phenomenal things from my daughter Brandy. I do now know how Marie handles all of the activities she has along with her devotion and work for the Suki Foundation! She gets my vote hands down.

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