Happy Rocks Rock Birmingham

Have you seen any Happy Rocks around Birmingham?

What started as an adventure in arts and crafts has turned into somewhat of a hobby, and the folks over at Happy Rocks Birmingham would love for it to spread. We could all use a little extra happiness in our lives, so why not start something positive?
They are not artists. They are not professionals, and they aren’t looking for anything but smiles. Join in on the fun and let’s help get this thing growing.
There is a growing movement in Memphis (901Rocks) that has done an amazing job spreading positivity. Let’s do the same!
What to do: Did you find a rock in a neighborhood park? Awesome! They have been hidden or set out at various times hoping to surprise park patrons. When you find one, post your picture to their Facebook Page, Instagram, or Twitter pages using @happyrocksbham or #happyrocksbham. Take them home as keepsakes or go hide them in another park. The choice is yours!
Want to create your own? Go for it! Anyone and Everyone is encouraged to share in the fun. Trust us, there is no greater feeling than seeing the smiles on strangers faces when they find a rock and post for everyone to see. Grab some rocks around your home and some acrylic paint. If you want to make sure your paint holds also get a sealer of some type. ModPodge works great!
Design whatever your heart desires and hide them in neighborhood parks for all to see. Be sure to include the #happyrocksbham hashtag or @Happyrocksbham

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