Escape the heat!

The temperature is already heading up. The humidity is stifling. Need air conditioning, need it now? We have options people!

What’s kid-friendly, air-conditioned and only a few minutes away? The library. I know, it may not be the most exciting place, but it’s a change of scenery, a cheap option (what’s cheaper than free?) and somewhere that kids are welcome! So head on in!

First up is the Hoover Library. Located at 200 Municipal Dr. in Hoover, it’s pretty central to the area. It boasts a generous Kids Zone, as well as a Teen Spot. The calendar features many storytime options (not as many in the summer) and other seasonal events such as theatre attractions and activities. Click the link above for all other information.

Next up is Vestavia Library. The city of Vestavia Hills is very central in the Birmingham area and a stomping ground for many other local communities. The Vestavia Hills library is no exception. Located at 1112 Montgomery Highway, it’s just a quick minute from 65 and an equally quick minute from Lakeshore. They also provide a wonderful kids area, filled with books, activities and events. We’re particularly fond of Toddler Time! Check out their monthly calendar and more at their website (click the link above!) Oh and in case you haven’t seen the bumper stickers or signs, Vestavia is currently undergoing a campaign for a new library – Imagine, a library in the forest. This is sure to be something special once it gets off the ground!

Also in the area, Homewood Library. Homewood library is almost always on our way somewhere when we’re out and about. It’s a nice place to hop out of the car and take a break when I’m wagging the kiddo around town on my own agenda. Located at 1721 Oxmoor Road, the library is at the heart of the Homewood area. While they offer the same types of activities and events, check out their calendar, as we can almost always make room for more storytime! Afterall, I consider it my own off-time!

So, no matter how hot, or how muggy it is during the day around here, there are places to escape other than the mall – and you won’t have to explain your Amex bill to the hubby later.

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