Kids & Goals: Vision Boards

Self-Motivation may be the most important life skill you can teach and cultivate in someone. It is crucial that we teach our children about self-motivation because it will help them reach their goals. Many children are extremely receptive to visual and tactile style learning- so creating a vision board is a great way to help ... Read More

DIY Game Day Wreath

Football Season has arrived and whether you’re cheering for the Tigers or the Tide (or any other team- College, Pro or Highschool) here’s a fun easy wreath you can make for your front door… We saw this originally on HGTV as a fall wreath (which is super cute, love the colors they used) but thought ... Read More

Recipe: Raspberry Green Tea Smoothie

Treat yourself with this delicious recipe from our friends over at Royal Cup Coffee and Tea.. A refreshing raspberry green tea smoothie is the perfect way to cool off over these last few weeks of summer! Ingredients: Makes one serving 1 cup HC Valentine Organic Dragonwell Green Tea 1/3 cup plain non fat yogurt 1/2 pint ... Read More

Healthy Lunch for Kids

Pack a Healthy Lunch

It’s that time again! Time for us to agonize over packing healthy, “perfect” lunches.. Or anything somewhat resembling healthy just to avoid sending little Junior to school with a Slim Jim and a fruit roll-up (not that there’s anything wrong with that, we all get busy….) Read on for a few ideas! Fruits of course, ... Read More

Pinspired Recipe: Salsa Roll Ups

Pinterest strikes again! Salsa Roll ups that even the kids will gobble up.  It’s a quick and easy snack to make and take to your next playdate or gathering! 4 oz cream cheese softened 3 Tbsp. Your favorite Salsa 1/2 cup Mexican Style Cheese 1/4 tsp. chili powder 4 (6 inch) flour tortillas Mix it ... Read More

Pack the Perfect Picnic

Summertime means lots of being outside, whether you’re packing a picnic lunch for a hike or road trip or just enjoying being outside in your own backyard, we have a few ideas to make your picnic perfect! If you have kids that don’t really like sandwiches or are just tired from eating them everyday at ... Read More

It’s summer. It’s the south. It’s stupid hot. But nothing can cool you down better than a yummy popsicle – the tiny humans know this, but why should they have all the fun treats? We talked to our friends over at Royal Cup Coffee and they gave us this tasty recipe for Iced Coffee Popsicles. ... Read More

Hot weather makes us crave ice cream and cool treats, here are a couple of fun ideas to get the kids involved in making something everyone will enjoy! This simple, fun activity will make your kids think you’re a brilliant scientist and chef! It’s great for allowing each family member to have their own flavor, ... Read More

It’s quite likely that you’ll have a house full of family and/or friends over to celebrate or cook out over the long Holiday weekend, if there are children on your guest list, whip up a few of these festive little snack cups. They’ll be a great party favor or something to take with you when ... Read More

Another option for Taco Tuesday! Oh! And did we mention.. It’s a crockpot recipe? What you’ll need: 2 lb boneless chicken 1 packet taco seasoning 1 packet Ranch dressing mix 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth taco shells/tortillas/tostadas cheese lettuce tomato What you’ll do: Place chicken in slow cooker. Sprinkle with taco seasoning and Ranch ... Read More