In the spirit of Earth Month we thought we would throw out some ideas on how you could actually save some green by going green! We all love an incentive to save money! 1. Host a toy swap!  This is a great way to illustrate to children how to reuse something.  Let the kids choose ... Read More

Earth Day is Monday, April 22nd. While we shouldn’t wait for this day each year to get our green on, it is a good day to remind yourself of the simple things you can do to help protect our environment. Little things make a BIG difference! 1. Turn off lights and invest in products that conserve ... Read More

By Kate Agliata: The U.S. Is the #1 trash-producing country in the world, producing about 40% of the entire world’s garbage. Every year the average American throws out about 1,200 pounds of organic waste. This organic garbage is the number one least recycled material in the U.S. Composting this extra waste would lead to a ... Read More

Beginning on April 16th, My Green Birmingham will launch a 7-day Plastic Challenge encouraging a community wide reduction in everyday plastic use. Plastic contributes to a great variety of significant threats to many different aspects of life and to our environment. These issues range from significant waste and pollution to our landfills and waterways, to ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Create A Slow Home, Enjoy More of Life

By Kate Agliata: How many times this month alone have you said to yourself, “I just want  things to slow down, and to be simpler,”? Those who know me well enough, have heard me say this over and over during the last few years. Each  year it seems that I take on more responsibilities, extend ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Even Little Hands Can Make a Difference…

How to Teach your Kids about Reusing, Reducing and Recycling at Home. By Kate Agliata: In honor of Earth Day, I was invited to speak to each of my children’s classes about the importance of recycling. I gathered up the facts, brought in some examples, and even had them participate in a game. In previous ... Read More

By Kate Agliata: Up for A Challenge? Take 30 Days to See What Plastic Products You Can Live Without As a new parent I really struggled with bringing certain un-recyclable plastic products into our home. “Where would they eventually end up?” I wondered. After all, we can’t keep burying things beneath the Earth’s surface forever. ... Read More

As many of you know April is Green Month and we like to take the opportunity here on the site to focus on ideas, tips and tricks on how we all can incorporate some green living into our daily lives. It doesn’t have to be a big commitment, think baby steps. We hope that you ... Read More

By Kate Agliata: “You’re so lucky to live in the South,” a Northern dwelling friend of mine recently said to me. “You don’t have to worry about piles of snow and freezing temperatures, your kids can open the door and run outside to play whenever they want.” Well not exactly, I thought to myself, after ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Cleaning House, The Eco Friendly Way

By Kate Agliata: The weather is warming up, the leaves on the trees are budding, and hints of green are sprouting up from the ground—signs of spring are showing up everywhere here in Birmingham. Spring’s arrival means the luxury of getting to spend a lot more time outdoors (making most of us giddy), but it ... Read More