I don’t know about you but stuffed animals and my kids go together like Peanut Butter and Jelly, Peas and Carrots, Milk and Cookies, like Lucy and Ethel.. Anyway, you get the idea. My kids LOVE some stuffed animals and for some reason, even when I say no more, I don’t really mean it… I ... Read More

We, like everyone else, love the summer fun list. This year we added to ours- instead of just being a list of things they want to indulge in, we told them to make a list of things they want to do AND ways to do good in the world. My kids are getting older (6 & 8 ... Read More

Seeing the devastation left behind from the tornado in Oklahoma, reminds us so much of the outpouring of support we received from everyone when we were gathering supplies for Tuscaloosa and surrounding areas. We have learned of a few different ways to get supplies to Oklahoma if you’re looking for a way to help. Sending ... Read More

As we mentioned at our Moms Rock event a couple of weeks ago, we are going to sponsor a little girl name Jordan, through Magic Moments. Our goal is to raise awareness for this wonderful local charity and to grant a Moment to this adorable little girl. Our E Campaign is underway and you can ... Read More

Every year hundreds of children in Alabama are diagnosed with critical illnesses. Once the diagnosis is made, the child’s life, as well as that of the entire family, is completely changed. Nothing is ever the same as it was before as their life, and the family’s routine become consumed with the complexities and worries of ... Read More

Alabama Gives Day!

When you become a parent Non Profits become a staple in your life. Whether it’s the McWane Science Center, the Birmingham Zoo or your favorite library, you most likely visit a non-profit on a regular basis. February 2nd is your opportunity to join thousands of Alabamians in being part of a history making event that ... Read More

As mothers, we know how hard it can be, how overwhelming, and how scary. A time that should be the greatest joy of your life can sometimes become very hard, even debilitating. We have come to know a charity that focuses on improving and saving lives by increasing awareness of all perinatal mood disorders, including ... Read More

We all know how important water is for our health and survival, it’s something many of us take for granted. You’re thirsty, you head to your kitchen for a glass of water, clean water. But stop and think for just a second about people living in countries where clean water is considered a luxury, if ... Read More

I’ve spoken with so many people over the past 12 hours that want to help the victims of yesterdays historical and horrific weather. We have been in contact with many local businesses that are willing to accept donations that we will then collect to distribute to families and shelters in need of supplies. Here is ... Read More

This month we are focusing our giving attention on PADS (Parent Advocates – Down Syndrome) Down Syndrome Alabama seeks not only to advocate for the needs of individuals with Down syndrome, but to offer support, acceptance and encouragement for parents and families of persons with Down syndrome. They also strive to increase awareness and knowledge ... Read More