Since it’s February, the “Month of Love,” we decided to pick some songs about love for your listening pleasure. Now we fully realize that romantic love songs over Valentines day may be what landed you listening to kids music in the first place, but have no fear these are geared more towards songs you can ... Read More

What songs screams Summertime to you? Here are some of the ones we are listening to now around the house when we’re in the mood for a dance party, in the car on a road trip or just around town running errands! Rolling In the Deep – Adele – There is just something about her ... Read More

We have a very special treat for our Juicebox Jukebox this month! Scott Register from Reg’s Coffee House has so kindly submitted some songs for us to lull our babies to sleep with… and a few that will tug on the heart strings too. We missed Scott while he wasn’t on air here in the ... Read More

We were so excited to be able to work with Local DJ and fellow BirminghamMommy, Ericka Woode of Magic 96.5 for this months edition of the Juicebox Jukebox. We asked Ericka to give us a list of songs that she likes to listen to with her daughter, Ava, and she came through with flying colors! ... Read More

This month is all about vacation, and summer, summer, summer time.   Whether you’re laying by the pool, hitting the beach, or taking a road trip, here is a list of songs that will get you groovin’ and get your whole car singing while you cruise around Birmingham or are headed out of town with ... Read More

Juicebox Jukebox – Daddy Tunes

Since we are spending the month talking about Dads and Fathers day we decided to let a BirminghamDaddy share with us what’s on his itunes. We asked local and first time Dad, Matt to help us out, here’s what he has to say: “Being a daddy for the first time last year changed my life, ... Read More

We decided to have even more fun this month putting together the Juicebox Jukebox and called on our friends and fellow BirminghamMommy’s Brooke Smith and Wendy Garner, hosts of NBC’s Daytime Alabama to help us out and let us know what they listen to with their kiddos. Here’s what they gave us! Wendy Garner, Mom ... Read More

Juicebox Jukebox – Lullabies

If you’re a fan of Norah Jones or John Mayer this is an easy enough list to compile on you’re own, but why not let us do the work for you?  Here is a playlist sure to soothe your little angels right into what we hope is a deep, sleep through the night, slumber. Good ... Read More

Juicebox Jukebox – Fun Car Songs!

When I found out that I was pregnant with my first daughter, who is now 4 years old, one of the many “freak out” moments I had didn’t have so much to do with “how is the baby going to be extracted from my body?” or the “life long responsibility I was about to be ... Read More