Severe Weather tips for families

Severe Weather Tips for Families

If you’re from the south, you’re no stranger to severe weather, especially during the spring, but how prepared is your family to deal with a severe weather outbreak? Here are some things to keep in mind and to have on hand and easily accessible in the event we are directed to our safe place. First ... Read More

Natural Remedies for Allergy Relief

Spring has Spring and while the flowers are pretty and the weather is warming, it can be less than ideal for anyone who suffers from Seasonal Allergies. Your diet and overall health can play a factor in your allergy suffering. Here are a few things you can implement into your routine that will help and ... Read More

Reacting vs. Responding

Have you ever really taken the time to think about how you address your kids? Do you react or respond? Do you know the difference? Knowing the difference is crucial to improving your communication experience with your children. Reacting is what we do when we just want to get our kids away from us. I ... Read More

Happy Rocks Rock Birmingham

Have you seen any Happy Rocks around Birmingham? What started as an adventure in arts and crafts has turned into somewhat of a hobby, and the folks over at Happy Rocks Birmingham would love for it to spread. We could all use a little extra happiness in our lives, so why not start something positive? ... Read More

Household Responibilities, Who’s Responsible?

For Moms it’s a never ending chore to get your kids in the habit of helping out with the house hold responsibilities. I also have to remind myself that teaching them responsibility now is good for them. I fall into the trap of finding it easier to do myself rather than ask them 17 times ... Read More

Skip Hop into this Giveaway!

If you’re a parent of little ones, you’re most likely aware of Skip Hop Accessories. If you’re not, then you have been missing out on some seriously cute products.. But, good news! I’m here to tell you all about them and give you the chance to win a $50 gift card that you’ll be able ... Read More

Moms Rock Nominees!

Thank you all again for submitting the Rockin’ Moms in your life.. After reading and re-reading the stories, we’ve narrowed the selection down to these 5 Amazing Women! Take a moment to read their stories then follow the link at the bottom of the post to cast your Vote for one of them to have ... Read More

Tooth Decay and Kids, What You Should Know

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month! This month-long national health observance brings together thousands of dedicated dental professionals, healthcare providers, and educators to promote the benefits of good oral health to children, teachers and of course, parents. Tooth decay (cavities) is one of the most common chronic conditions of childhood in the United States. Untreated ... Read More

2017 Moms Rock Nominations

Nominations are officially open for Moms Rock 2017 presented by: Monogram Maternity at St. Vincent’s Health System and Royal Cup Coffee and Tea. Do you know a mom who manages to make “mommy” look like a verb?  We’re not looking for the “perfect” moms, we’re looking for the ones who love their families and make ... Read More

February is American Heart Month

Did you know that heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States? Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease. It is the number one killer of women. In 2010, heart disease costed the United States spend $444 billion dollars. This includes healthcare services ... Read More