Discipline with Love

Parents typically have the goal of raising happy healthy children. One of the biggest controversies today is the proper way to maintain happiness and healthiness while disciplining. Most parents are at a complete loss when it comes to disciplining their kids. How many times have we heard or said “I just don’t know what to ... Read More

Are You Ready for Cold Season?

Fall is by far my most favorite season. The holidays, decorations, activities, and smells make life worth living! But bad always accompanies the good and for the Autumn season it comes in the form of germs. With school age kids they are always bringing home something to share with the rest of us, especially colds. ... Read More

Back to School Clean up and Clean Out

The little darlings are back in school and while your house might be eerily quiet, how many sticky spots are you stepping in, and have you bothered to take a look at your cabinet facings and door knobs… Brace yourself. It’s not pretty. All the remnants of lemonade stands and popsicle parties are glaringly obvious ... Read More

General Safety and Car Seat Installation Tips

By: Allana Pinkerton, Certified CPST and Global Safety Advocate for diono Did you know every 33 seconds, one child under the age of 13 is involved in a crash? As September 17th kicks off Child Passenger Safety Week and September 23rd marks National Seat Check Saturday we wanted to share some tips on car seat ... Read More

Disney on Ice Presents Follow Your Heart Discount Code!

Thank you ALL for participating in the Disney on Ice Rocks Birmingham promotion.  Congratulations to all of our winners! For those of you that didn’t win, here is an offer for you on tickets to the show. Save $5 off select seats and performances! Coming  September 22-24, 2017 to the Legacy Arena at BJCC Use ... Read More

Coping with Cliques at School

Every school as cliques, and unfortunately, every child will be introduced to them at some point. Cliques aren’t necessarily bad, but children who are both inside and outside of a clique can be effected negatively. Andrew Harper, MD, associate professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, and ... Read More

How Technology Affects Toddlers’ Sleeping Patterns

Technology is disrupting sleep across many demographics. As gadgets have become more accessible to younger users, they’re also starting to have a negative on toddlers’ sleeping patterns. Ideally, toddlers around 1-3 years of age should get around 12-14 hours sleep per day. However, this might not always be possible. If not, parents should at least ... Read More

Back-To-School Head Lice Prevention and Removal Tips

By: Renae Byers, owner of Lice Clinics of America Birmingham When preparing the kids to head back- to- school, parents usually go shopping for new clothes, buy fresh pencils and pack up their child’s backpack before the big day. The last thing on their mind is checking their child’s head for head lice. But, elementary ... Read More

Disney On Ice Rocks Birmingham

In just a few short weeks, Disney on Ice Follow Your Heart will be skating into Birmingham! Follow your heart straight to adventure at Disney On Ice! Just keep swimming with Dory and new pal Hank from Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory as they set out to find her parents and discover the devotion of family. Cheer ... Read More

Parenting with a PhD: Separation Anxiety and Your Kindergartener

Your new kindergartener is facing her first year of formal schooling with a mix of excitement and dread. As are you. In fact, he may cycle through the highs and lows 50 times in the span of one minute: looking forward to being in “big boy school,” hoping for a nice teacher, feeling terrified of ... Read More