How to Handle After School Meltdowns

Hell hath no fury like a kid fresh home from school. Your eight and nine year old can quickly adopt the rationale of a two and three year old. For some reason, the frustrations they have pent up throughout the day suddenly erupt when they get home. For you parents caught in the middle of ... Read More

Bad Santa Photo Finalists 2016

Thank you all for entering our Bad Santa Photo Contest! We had another overwhelming response and had some really great photos submitted. Narrowing it down has been no easy task, and you made us laugh daily with your submissions. Here are our finalists – Winner will receive a mini-session.($200 value,) with local photographer, Hillary Gamble ... Read More

Are Traditions Really Important for Kids?

Rituals are powerful. Just the thought of bedtime and sitting down alone with a diet coke at night gets me through the day. But all joking aside, rituals and traditions are important for your kids. Child psychologists say that children whose families have rituals have higher academic success, happiness, and emotional well-being for the whole family. ... Read More

Why You Should Have a Minimalist Christmas

I think every family reaches a point when they wish they hadn’t bought their child so many toys. There used to be toys all over my house. I didn’t even know where some of the toys had come from. We got a lot of hand me downs from cousins and friends, toys from a grandma ... Read More

2nd Annual Bad Santa Photo Contest

It’s that time again! We here at BirminghamMommy LOVE a good Santa Photo Mishap… Now, that hilarious photo of your baby on Santa’s lap (or struggling to escape his lap as fast as humanly possible) might just win you a fabulous prize! We have once again teamed up with local photographer extraordinaire, Hillary Gamble with ... Read More

25 Days of Kindness for Kids

No matter where we stand on political issues, we parents can probably all agree that raising kids who are kind to others is a high priority. Unfortunately, as we describe here, kindness has not been a major focus for many across the country as of late. But you and your kids can be a part ... Read More

Kids in the Kitchen

Kids of all ages can get in the kitchen and learn something new. In this age participation guide, CookSmart lays out multiple ways that kids can have some hands on experience while cooking with Mom or Dad. The more kids are exposed to food and cooking, the more likely they are to build a curiosity ... Read More

Teaching Your Infant/Toddler to Self Soothe

One of the biggest challenges in Mom World is bringing home a newborn baby. The only thing harder than bringing home a newborn is bringing home a newborn when you already have other kids. Everyone’s schedule is shuffled around, and the routine you have worked so hard to establish is completely ruined. No matter what ... Read More

Gift Ideas that won’t take up space!

I have 3 kids. Those 3 kids alone with all of their running around take up a lot of space in my house. Now add in their necessities like, clothing, shoes, back packs, school papers and projects and I’m at capacity. THEN add in holidays, like Christmas and Birthdays where loving grandparents smother them with ... Read More

Parenting with a PhD: Dear American Parents

Dear American Parents, You’ve got to talk to your kids about this election. I don’t mean about who won and who lost, the electoral college, or hand size. I don’t care who you voted for or didn’t vote for or, really, whether you voted or not. But all around the country, reports are coming in ... Read More