Date Your Kids: 7 Ideas for One on One Time with your Child

I love the idea of dating my kids. Honestly it’s not something I do near enough, but find it to be a special time that allows them some one on one attention, that is so very important and rare in our hectic schedules. My goal is to try and schedule at least 1 one-on-one night/afternoon ... Read More

10 Books That Teach Kids About Their Feelings

We have all heard parents talk about the “terrible twos” or having a “threenager.” Some of the biggest contributors to this phase of toddler life are the emotions that the children feel and the fact that children don’t understand how to express them appropriately. Emotions can be confusing because toddlers don’t have the words they need to ... Read More

Think Outside the Gym: On the Go Workouts for Moms – The Beach

By: Erin Holtz Summer is Here! Everyone will be traveling for vacations to get away and unplug. While on vacation most of us tend to take in a few extra calories from foods and drinks that we normally don’t get in our diet. And our normal workouts get thrown off while we are away from ... Read More

8 Things to Do Instead of Watch TV

Last summer I realized my kid spent way too much time in front of the TV. I am one of those people who loves background noise- so even if I wasn’t watching TV- I still liked to have it on. Every time I needed to distract my son, I turned it on. When I wanted ... Read More

4th of July Scavenger Hunt

Here’s a fun little printable for you to take with you to your 4th of July Celebrations.. Just print this out and let the kids spend the day looking for these 4th of July themed items! Follow this link for your FREE 4th of July Scavenger Hunt!   ... Read More

Think Outside the Gym: On the Go Workouts for Moms- Stadiums

By: Erin Holtz Are you a busy parent shuttling kids from piano lessons, soccer practice, football games, summer camps, or after school activities? As I Personal Train, I hear daily complaints of how moms (and dads) do not have the time to work out or eat healthy. It’s an ongoing problem now that our lives ... Read More

How to Teach Kids to Tell the Truth

Everyone can think of a time when they told a lie. Some may be small, and other maybe a little bigger. But everyone has experiences where they weren’t truthful. When I was a teenager I wanted my parents to give me a long leash. I felt like they never did, and so I made them ... Read More

Free Zoo Tickets from Red Diamond Coffee and Tea

Red Diamond Coffee and Tea, a long time sponsor of the Birmingham Zoo is offering a special deal for tickets now through September 5th! Anyone can receive two free tickets to the Birmingham Zoo by purchasing & submitting a valid receipt for two Red Diamond coffee products or two gallons of Ready to Drink tea. Available at ... Read More

Let Them Be Bored!

“I’m Bored!!” How many days into summer do think it will be before you hear that? Thinking back on your childhood, there was probably a lot of unstructured time in your summers. We hear so often that our moms sent us out and we came home when the street lights came on. This is untrue ... Read More

Summer Tips for Children to Recharge and Relax

It’s important that your summer plans work well with your schedule and your children’s routine.  A full summer schedule defeats the purpose of children who are rested, academically engaged, physically moving, and happy. Dr. Paula Rainer says “planning out a schedule will help you to have a relaxed and recharged summer as a parent.”  Dr. ... Read More