Toddler-Friendly Restaurants in Birmingham

We are so excited to be teaming up with Heather from My Life Well Loved for a fun Blog Swap. While my kids aren’t in the Toddler phase anymore, I remember very well how difficult getting a good meal out could be. Heather is breaking it down for us with this list of Local Restaurants ... Read More

Food Safety at your Favorite Farmer’s Market

The month of May means it’s nearly time for America’s favorite food lovers’ tradition: visiting your local farmers market. In addition to all the invigorating colors, exquisite aromas, strong flavors, and spirit of community, the farmers market is also an opportunity to develop one-on-one relationships with the people who produce your food! Their passion for ... Read More

‘The Great Give’ Fundraiser to support local libraries

We love our local libraries, they show up a lot on our events calendar for all of the great events they offer us that help us get our kiddos interested in reading.. Here’s a great way to give back to them! “The Great Give” is an online fundraising campaign that will kick-off Tues., May 8, & Wed. ... Read More

How to Teach Cooking Safety to your Little Chef

By: Wendy Ross Bringing kids into the kitchen is more than a fun way to bond with your little ones. Getting kids involved in cooking gets them excited about healthy foods, teaches them skills for independence, and frees you from fetching snacks every 10 minutes. However, the kitchen can also be a dangerous place for ... Read More

Protecting your Child from Identity Theft

You buckle them into car seats, make sure they wear a helmet when riding their bikes and keep a first- aid kit on hand at all times. As a parent, you do everything you can to guard your children’s physical safety, but do you know how to protect them from identity theft? How Common Is ... Read More

Earth Day Tips

Earth Day is Sunday, April 22nd. While we shouldn’t wait for this day each year to get our green on, it is a good day to remind yourself of the simple things you can do to help protect our environment. Little things make a BIG difference! 1. Turn off lights and invest in products that conserve ... Read More

VOTE! Moms Rock Finalists 2018!

Thank you all for submitting the Rockin’ Moms in your life.. After reading and re-reading the stories, we’ve narrowed the selection down to these 5 Amazing Women! Take a moment to read their stories then follow the link at the bottom of the post to cast your Vote for one of them to have a ... Read More

2018 Moms Rock Nominations

Nominations are officially open for Moms Rock 2018!! Do you know a mom who manages to make “mommy” look like a verb?  We’re not looking for the “perfect” moms, we’re looking for the ones who love their families and make mommying fun.  We want the women who manage to keep their life balanced, all while ... Read More

Spring is in the Air: Cleaning and Decluttering, Here We Come!

  Spring is in full bloom. That means birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, and your house is crying out for some much needed attention! Cleaning and de-cluttering, here we come! Here’s a great guide on how to keep a simple home. By simplifying life, you can eliminate a lot of the problems before they ... Read More

Four Illnesses to be aware of in Pre-schoolers

On the heels of a devastating flu season, four illnesses have emerged as ones to watch nationally among Pre-Schoolers (Toddlers), according to Doctors Report™ Illness Tracker™ and  The Doctors Report Illness Tracker ™, which is the mobile app and website that give you instant access to data doctors’ reports from almost one million doctors’ ... Read More