Parenting with a PhD: Gratitude Revisited.

By Kristen Berthiaume: It’s that time again – time for your FB newsfeed to be filled with daily postings of what people are thankful for! By Black Friday, you’ll probably be thankful for a return to the usual fare of crazy political rants and random YouTube videos. If public displays of gratitude aren’t your thing, ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness: I Quit!

I quit my job. I did it two days before Christmas. I couldn’t stop sweating as I made the phone call. My voice had this weird shrilly pitch that comes out when I’m nervous. When I said the words, I started laughing. Thinking back on it, I probably sounded like I’d had a few too ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness: Going From One to Two

By Harmony Hobbs: HOLY CRAP. If you are a parent of just one child, you may want to stop reading here, lest you be frightened out of having any more. Going from one child to two is hard, like really hard, like the OMG-I-may-not-survive kind of crazy hard that really cannot be explained. In order ... Read More


By: LK Whitney Jingle, jingle. Ho. Ho. Ho. Merry Christmas, y’all. I don’t know about you, but our household is six-feet-deep in a tinsel-tinged, yuletide coma: the tree glimmers and glows; the gifts, they keep piling up under the tree; our cheerful little children are giddy and bright with visions of ribbon-wrapped boxes full of ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Create A Slow Home, Enjoy More of Life

By Kate Agliata: How many times this month alone have you said to yourself, “I just want  things to slow down, and to be simpler,”? Those who know me well enough, have heard me say this over and over during the last few years. Each  year it seems that I take on more responsibilities, extend ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness: Why I Quit Breastfeeding

My boobs hate me. You see, I just had a baby. It went well, considering I pushed an 8-pound infant out of my vajay-jay without any pain medication. I planned for a natural birth and I had one, proving that I am indeed tougher than I thought. It was a truly amazing experience. You might ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Simple Ways to Conserve Water

By Kate Agliata: It’s August. It’s hot, and despite the humidity in the air, everything is dry and parched. In the midst of heat waves and drought, water usage among average households typically tends to massively increase. However, with a great deal of our city and state facing water shortages, there’s never been a better ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: The Best Reasons to Line Dry your Clothes

By: Kate Agliata Modern household appliances are truly some of the world’s greatest inventions. They keep our food cold, cook and heat our meals, clean our dishes, and wash and dry our clothes. Clothes dryers in particular, provide us with fantastic convenience, which tends to make our lives all that much simpler. Yet, at the ... Read More

A Mother's Shade of Green: Encourage a Greener Life, Without Preaching

By Kate Agliata: A few months I met up with a new friend over a cup of coffee. While getting to know one another better we soon realized many commonalities, namely a passion for educating others about the benefits of green living. She was excited to learn about my writing A Mother’s Shade of Green, ... Read More

Working Mommy Madness: Greener Grass My A- –

By Harmony Hobbs: I have a confession to make. Sometimes, I think that my life would drastically improve if my legs didn’t rub together so much when I walk. Or if I had a housekeeper. And a perpetual tan. So if I happen to interact with someone who doesn’t have to clean her own home, ... Read More