52 New Things 2014. Week 1

You may remember a series we did a few years back called 52 New Things. We joined up with some other local bloggers and spent the year trying at least 1 new thing each week. With 2014 upon us, we decided it would be fun to give this another go. If you are a blogger/reader ... Read More

52 New Things. The Wrap Up.

I know it’s cliche’ to say “How time flies” and “Where did this year go” but I just have to say, I cannot believe that we have come to the end of this project that we started 1 whole year ago! I don’t know what I expected when we started it, I think I was ... Read More

52 New Things

With the craziness of the season we have just completely slipped up on journal-ing our New Things – I think we left off on week 46 so we’re going to try and catch up in no particular order….. Angie – 2 of my New Things have involved the movies. My 5 year old was invited ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 46

Angie – I attended a Harry Potter Party. I’m a fan, not a “Fan” “Fan” but I’ve read the books and I’ve seen the movies. McWane was hosting a Weasley Wedding and we were helping out. I knew the dress code was costumes or wedding attire but I had no idea how serious these Potter ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 45

Angie – My kids (mostly the twins) are pretty picky eaters. If it’s a fruit or vegetable they won’t eat it, period.  I have been having to get “deliciously deceptive” with their meals and it’s kind of annoying. This week we started a “New Food Chart” to hold us all accountable – to make sure ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 44

Angie – This week I finished a book that was out of my comfort zone, Science Fiction. Science Fiction is really, really not my thing, at all. But after picking it up and putting it down about 3 different times, extending the check out at the library once and trying it yet again, I finished ... Read More

52 New Things – Weeks 42 and 43

It’s a double whammy New Thing week. With all of the Halloween excitement last week we failed to get our new thing posted. so here you go. Week 42 – Angie – I took a kid free couples trip! Something my husband and I have not done since our oldest, now 5 was 9 months ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 41

Angie – I bought Jeggings *gasp* I’m still fairly new to this whole leggings thing but wanted something easier to wear with my boots this fall. I have to say, they are cute on and incredibly comfy, although the area from waist to crotch should never see the light of day. Those seams aren’t figure ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 40

Is it really possible that there are only 12 weeks left in this year!? I think we should make it a goal to do something crazy new in the next 12 weeks. I’m not talking about new recipes or cleaning products, I’m thinking a new Country or Sky diving – something big, something huge! Hmmm…  ... Read More

52 New Things – Week 39

Angie – Yet another new recipe but this time it was an EPIC success! Epic! It’s not a difficult recipe but it does take a bit of prep work. If you like fish tacos, you will need to put this on your to – do list. Try it out and let me know what you ... Read More