Parenting with a PhD: Social Engineering Parents

You want the best for your kids – of course you do. As parents, we’re often tempted to help our kids avoid the pitfalls we experienced growing up – those stumbling blocks that might’ve prevented us from reaching our full potential. But research is showing more and more that shielding our kids from disappointments, heartache, ... Read More

Decorative pumpkins filled with assorted Halloween chocolate can

Candy and Calories: What’s That Candy Worth

Okay Mamas, fess up. Who is guilty of sneaking your kids hard earned Halloween candy after they have gone to bed?? It’s only fair to put a little tax on that candy after you have hiked all over God’s creation trick or treating, am I right?! But before you kick back with that handful of ... Read More


Me Time that starts with Healthy Skin

Moms get busy.. Like, really busy. Sometimes getting a night out or an afternoon off to pamper ourselves doesn’t fit into our busy schedules but our friend Ashley, with Rodan + Fields has a way to help you look a little less tired until you can get that much needed time to recharge.. Here’s what ... Read More


Parenting with a PhD: 5 (more) Signs your Child is Bullying

Last week we touched on the topic of knowing when or if your kid is bullying others. There are many red flags that your kid is bullying and you’ve probably heard many before: getting into physical fights; threatening or intimidating a sibling or playmate; having a poor relationship with parents and teachers; frequently pushing limits ... Read More

Kind is cool

Making Kindness Cool

My friends and I are starting a program called “Kind Is Cool”. We want to stop bullying around the world. We started this when we saw a brand at “Target.” We liked the idea, so we kept going with it. The shirts from the brand come with 2 neon yellow bracelets. Everybody who is helping ... Read More

Sick Child

A Parent’s Guide to Fevers

Mom’s dread no phrase like they dread, “it’s that time of year again!” As soon as you hear that phrase, like some kind of sick curse, your kid gets sick. Come to think of it- is there a time of year that isn’t THAT time of year? What’s your initial reaction when you realize your ... Read More


Parenting with a PhD: Signs Your Kid is Bullying

If your child has ever been victimized by another kid, you won’t be surprised to learn that 1 out of 4 kids in grades 6-10 admits to doing at least some bullying. And those are the ones who admit to it… There are many red flags that your kid is bullying and you’ve probably heard ... Read More

Girl and food

How to Help Kids Who Won’t Eat

Just thinking about sitting down to breakfast with my kids makes me want to stay in my bed forever. I have one child who eats everything in sight, while my older child doesn’t eat enough to keep a bird alive. Life as a mom doesn’t have very many dull moments. Especially because our precious children ... Read More

Father and daughter

3 Tips on Praising your Children

Children hear a lot of “no’s” from their parents. Childhood is a frustrating time because kids want things- and most of the time they don’t fully understand why they can’t have them. While “no’s” are necessary for keeping kids safe and helping them learn, its also important that children are praised just as often as they ... Read More

Girl on laptop

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

The 2016-2017 school year has begun! Moms in Birmingham and around the country rejoice for the freedom that a new school year brings, but that freedom doesn’t come without additional responsibilities for moms once their kids get home from school. Internet safety is a huge responsibility that falls on parents. Schools in our area are ... Read More