Father and daughter

3 Tips on Praising your Children

Children hear a lot of “no’s” from their parents. Childhood is a frustrating time because kids want things- and most of the time they don’t fully understand why they can’t have them. While “no’s” are necessary for keeping kids safe and helping them learn, its also important that children are praised just as often as they ... Read More

Girl on laptop

Keeping Your Kids Safe Online

The 2016-2017 school year has begun! Moms in Birmingham and around the country rejoice for the freedom that a new school year brings, but that freedom doesn’t come without additional responsibilities for moms once their kids get home from school. Internet safety is a huge responsibility that falls on parents. Schools in our area are ... Read More

September 11

Talking to Kids about 9-11

Many of our young kids are blissfully unaware of the significance of 9-11 and will probably remain that way for a while. After all, it’s been 15 years since the September 11th attacks. Even current high school seniors probably have little memory for the events. But some of you will be asked at pick-up, “Did ... Read More


Tailgating. The Kid Friendly Way.

Contrary to popular belief the words “Tailgate” and “Kids” can co-exist. No, not like the good ole’ days with  keg stands, or the 3 beer challenge from the tailgate spot to the stadium. The days of sneaking liquor in in zip lock bags taped to your leg are most likely a thing of the past, ... Read More


Parenting with a PhD: Keeping Homework in Perspective

We’ve probably all seen this: Fort Worth, TX, Teacher Brandy Young’s note to parents that her 2nd grade students would not be assigned regular homework, other than nightly reading, for the year. Mrs. Young wrote this letter after reviewing research indicating that elementary school aged kids don’t significantly benefit from completing nightly homework. Instead, Mrs. ... Read More

No Bully Graphic

10 Tips for Dealing with a Bully

Approximately 160,000 students are absent from school each day nationwide due to fears of being bullied. The impact can be devastating on a child’s self esteem, academic performance and overall health. The statistics surrounding the number of children who are bullied, are heartbreaking. If you’re facing this already this school year… Try some of these ... Read More

Master Scarsella 250

3 Ways to Boost Your Child’s Confidence

By: Justin Scarsella Every summer our Leadership Team has a unique opportunity to work with a local summer camp that serves boys and girls who have or have had cancer. As I was watching our students interacting with this group, I took a moment to reflect on how far these students have come – not ... Read More

Illustration of a school bus.

Tips for School Bus Safety

  School is in full swing for many kids and for many, school days mean sending those tiny humans off to the bus stop. So how do we keep our little ones safe when they board that bus? Here are a few tips to keep in mind and to remind your kids: Try to arrive ... Read More

Back to school

Teachers’ Tips for Back-to-School Success

As children return to school, feelings of anxiety can escalate. “Parents and other caregivers can teach their children simple strategies to help with anxiety, such as organizing materials and time, developing short scripts of what to do and say when anxiety increases, and learning coping strategies to relax under stressful conditions,” says Jennifer Cooper, Ph.D., ... Read More


Parenting with a PhD: Kids and Confidence

If you have a child who loves to be center stage, people will probably tell you to sign her up for acting classes. But, what about her brother who hides behind you when someone says hello in public: that’s the last activity you should consider for him, right? Maybe not. Research shows that the most ... Read More