Back to School Bucket List for Moms

mommybucketlistYou made it! Summer 2017 is thisclose to being in the books and you’re still standing. The house, might be a different story, but now that their Summer Bucket List is complete, how about a list of things for you now that the little darlings are headed back to school.

  1. Brunch! Brunch with your best Mommy friend who somehow fell by the wayside during the summer. Catch up, have a mimosa and tend to only your plate, your food and enjoy not having ketchup smeared down your sleeve.
  2. Clean a room and soak in the glorious neatness that will actually last longer than 30 seconds.
  3. Nap
  4. Eat a candy bar standing out in the middle of the kitchen where anyone could see you, only they can’t because you have the house to yourself!
  5. Purge. All those things you threatened to get rid of over the summer but couldn’t because they were watching.. Now’s your chance!
  6. Make a business call without having to hide in the closet
  7. Check your watch obsessively waiting on the 3 o’clock school bell to ring so you can pick up the little rugrats you actually, kind of, sort of missed all day.

What’s on your Mommy Bucket List for the start of school?

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